temporary courthouse in exposition arcam

The design for temporary courthouse Amsterdam can now be seen in the Amsterdam Architecture Centre, Arcam, at an exhibition on the current edition of the Amsterdamse Architectuurprijs (Amsterdam Architecture Award). First awarded in 2008, this prize annually acclaims the best projects built in the Dutch capitol. For the occasion of its 10th anniversary and leading up to the announcement of the winner on April 13, Arcam has arranged a special exhibition with this year’s ten finalists. The nominations were already disclosed on March 25th. On Friday March 31st, the show was opened by Arcam director Yvonne Franquinet.

According to the jury, the nominees of the Amsterdamse Architectuurprijs 2017 show a city in transition in which clients as well as architects have delivered projects exemplary for innovation in ways of building and development. The jury recognizes three trends – The New Role for the Client, The Growing Metropole, and Innovation & Circularity. The exhibit is set up and designed around those three themes. The temporary court is an important example of Innovation & Circularity.

The building is a sustainable and future-proof solution for the interim housing of the Amsterdam court during the period of five years that a renewed permanent housing is being developed on the court grounds. Its design is completely directed towards re-use by means of a re-mountable structure. Therefore, cepezed architects, in cooperation with IMd engineers, have introduced a number of important design innovations. After the initial term of use, the building can easily be relocated and used for a similar or different function elsewhere.

Commissioned by the Central Government Real Estate Agency (Dutch abbreviation: RVB) the temporary courthouse was realized by consortium dpcp, a combination of Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling and developer cepezedprojects. The design is by cepezed and cepezedinterieur.