dsm rosaling franklin biotechnology center opened

On the DSM campus in Delft, the new, cepezed-designed Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center was opened today. With the state-of-the-art research facility, DSM expands its capacity for the study of biotechnological prospects in nutrition, animal feed, biofuel, pharma and bio-based materials. The new lab is part of a large-scale, future-oriented investment program started in 2013. Within the framework hereof, cepezed earlier also drew up a master plan for the Delft campus.

Feike Sijbesma, CEO/Chairman of the DSM Managing Board: 'DSM’s new Biotechnology Center is where our scientists create solutions for societal challenges such as the need to provide all people globally with nutritious food, as well as enabling the transformation from a fossil-based to a bio-renewable-based society.'

At the moment, some 400 scientists of 27 nationalities work on among other things solutions for low sugar and high-protein nutrition in the lab. The new building was named after the female researcher Rosaling Franklin (1920-1958), whose work was pivotal to the discovery and understanding of DNA-structures and thus importantly co-created the basis of modernday biotechnology. Because of an early death, she never received proper recognition though. With naming the new biotechnology center after Franklin, DSM wishes to honour all female scientists.