sintlucas nominated best building of the year

The cepezed-designed Eindhoven branch of SintLucas, school for creative-technical vocational schooling, is nominated Best Building of the Year in the category Stimulating Environments. The nine likely candidates from different categories have been chosen from a total of 113 entries for the BNA-competition. cepezed is proud of the recognition and of course also congratulates SintLucas. For its new building, the college actively aimed at shaping a creative community in which students and nearby local businesses are strongly connected and learn from each other; an innovative and inspiring approach in which the hard and soft aspects of architecture are mutually reinforced. Not even a year after the occupation of the building, this approach has already proven itself fruitful.

The winners in the different catagories, the overall winner of the Best Building of the Year competition and the winner of the public award will be announced May 19th by jury chair Hans Weijers. Voting for the public award is possible through the website of the election