lecture for esa-students

cepezed project architect Jochem Paauwe will give a lecture on Thursday March 16th for bachelor students of L’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA) de Paris in the context of the architecture and urban planning workshop at the architecture department of the Technical University Delft. The main subject of the workshop is the research of the urban structures of Delft by means of three locations in the historic centre. The ESA-students will focus on themes like living, working, ateliers for start-ups, mixed functions and transformation within the inner-city context. In the workshop week ESA organizes a series of lectures on the history of Delft and the Randstad, as well as on Dutch contemporary architecture in general and housing design in particular. cepezed attracted the attention of the ESA-staff because of their involvement in the topics mentioned above and their innovative architecture. Jochem Paauwe will elaborate the office’s take on their recent Delft projects and the specific conditions to design and build in this city.