westraven in exposition 'daylight in architecture'

Winner of the Daylight Award 2008, the cepezed designed project Westraven, will be shown at the Borneo Architecture Centre Amsterdam (BAC) in the exhibit Daylight in Architecture, starting March 9th. The exhibit focuses on the five previous winners of the Daylight Award of the past eight years. Westraven is the winner of the first edition of this biennial prize.
‘The Award was initiated to pay tribute to all those involved showing their ambition towards daylight and to inspire others with beautiful examples of great daylight architecture.’ According to Foundation Living Daylights.

For a long time, the Westraven office building in Utrecht was a heavy, closed and stuffy colossus that was due to be demolished. The revitalization that was nevertheless chosen had to at least reflect the modern values of the user, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment: openness, transparency, professionalism and sustainability.
The double façade of the renovated tower offers the solutions for a number of climatic problems without loss of daylight and of the magnificent view. The finger-shaped modelling of the new office wings in the lower building ensure that the users can enjoy maximum daylight and a view to the surroundings. Additional features, such as the sun and heat load reducing retractable white canvas shading and the transparent EFTE atrium facade and roof, are again aimed at producing a pleasant working environment with ample daylight. Equally smart as surprisingly simple solutions which haven’t lost their innovative power nearly a decade after the delivery of the project.

The exhibition Daylight in Architecture is on from March 9th till June 22nd. The opening will take place on Thursday March 9th at 20.00. For more information, please visit the site of Living Daylights or of Borneo Architecture Centre Amsterdam.