debate embassies in pulchri studio

Within the programming of Den Haag Design, cepezed's Ronald Schleurholts will participate in the debate entitled ‘A European embassy?', which will take place in Pulchri Studio at the Lange Voorhout 15 in The Hague on Thursday, June 10, 19.00 - 21.15. Preceding the actual debate, Schleurholts will also give a presentation on this subject.

Dutch embassies abroad are often designed by well known Dutch architects. Rem Koolhaas designed the embassy in Berlin, Bajrne Mastenbroek the embassy in Addis Abeba and cepezed a.o. those in Rome and Theran. Thus, embassies often function as a showpiece for the contemporary quality and progressiveness of Dutch design. With over a hundred embassies abroad, The Netherlands rank seventh on the world list, while The Hague itself counts a similar number of foreign embassies.

What would change if we would let go of the idea of one single embassy per country and think about a collective European embassy building for the purpose of economic and cultural collaboration? And what would such a building look like? Would such a collaboration also result in extra, or other, functions?

Architectural students of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague will work on this project for a whole semester. Also, architects Rainer Bullhorst and Eric Vreedenburgh wrote an essay that will function as a starting point for this debate on the future of embassies in Europe.