cepezed with architect selection city hall leiden

The team of cepezed and cepezedinterieur is selected for the final round of the large-scale renovation of the Leiden town hall. In total, the municipality received 41 submissions, from which three agencies were selected for the next selection phase. The winner will be designated in June.

"We are very pleased with the great interest of architects in the renovation of the town hall. The architects were of a very high level. [...] The city hall must be both a place where Leiden citizens like to visit and a fun and healthy place to work. In addition, we want our city hall to be an inspiring example of a sustainable building", said Alderwoman Damen of finance.

The project includes the complete new construction that was realized in the early 1930's behind the front façade from round 1600, the only remnant of the original city hall that survived the great fire in 1929. Configured around a central atrium, the edifice consists of two parallel, elongated building blocks connected by two lower segments. The entire construction has listed status.

The modernization creates a more efficient and flexible use of the building. The interior will be updated according to the insights of the new ways of working in office and workplace design. cepezed and cepezedinterieur share a wide experience in similar renovation and reorganization projects, including those of the Corpac-house in Tilburg and the national Police Service Centers in Eindhoven, Zwolle and Rotterdam.