kivi excursion to cepezed project od75

On Thursday February 16th KIVI will host an excursion to the transformation project Oostduinlaan 75 in The Hague, designed by cepezed and currently under construction. KIVI (The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers) is the largest professional association of engineers in the Netherlands and offers its members a community that shares specific and multidisciplinary knowledge; among others by lectures, debates, congresses and excursions.
The talked about transformation of Oostduinlaan 75 is one of the example projects, and only building project, in the new policy memorandum Dutch Governmental program Circular Economy, which was drafted in 2016 by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in cooperation with the Ministry of Economics. This project is regarded as one of the most important current large transformations from offices to housing at this moment. In the former Shell headquarters over 240 rental and owner-occupied apartments are realized. By the motto ‘retain the good’ the complex’s foundation, cellar, parking garage and structure of the high-rise block are kept. Existing characteristics such as the intricate structural elements are being utilized here as much as possible.
cepezed project architect Jelle van der Veen will give a presentation about the basic principles of this transformation, the design concept and the architectural elaboration. Rob Stark, IMd Raadgevend Ingenieurs, will converse about the structural design and Theo Broere of Züblin Netherlands will speak about the building process. Host on behalf of KIVI is Harm Houwink.