publication special moreelsebrug

cepezed proudly presents its latest publication devoted entirely to the Moreelsebrug (Moreelse bridge). The pedestrian and cyclist bridge in the centre of Utrecht spans the railway tracks at Utrecht Central Station and connects the Croeselaan and Moreelsepark. The publication explains the concept of an elongated and slightly curved promenade, as well as the production of its prefabricated parts and the assembly process. Characteristic for the design is the row of trees included in the bridge. The Iron trees (parrotica persica ‘vanessa’) together with a slight S-curve substantially add to a friendly appearance of the bridge. Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad noted that Utrecht residents have already welcomed the bridge with open arms.

The publication is the result of a collaboration between project partners ProRail, Colijn Concrete and Hydraulic Engineering, ABT, Arup and cepezed, that will also distribute it, among others to visitors of their respective offices. The magazine is also available online through the website of issuu in a Dutch and English version.