trba in tv-show building on the future

On Saturday March 4th the new SBS6 TV-show Bouwen aan de Toekomst (Building for the Future) will feature the cepezed-designed Temporary Courthouse in Amsterdam.The informative programme focusses on Dutch developments for a better and cleaner future in a variety of branches, such as construction, the financial world and the technological and food industries.

The courthouse was realized within the frame of a whole new, sustainability-oriented type of contract, a Design, Build, Maintain & Remove (DBMR) agreement, and is reusable in its entirety in a later stage. As such, it is a recent and appealing example of circular design and construction. The project was brought about in a cooperation between, among other parties, cepezed projects, DuPrie bouw & ontwikkeling, cepezed architects and cepezedinterior. 

The tv-episode will host a.o. Menno Rubbens of cepezedprojects and Fokke van Dijk of the client, the Central Government Real Estate Agency. They will explain the unique project approach as well as the architectural and interior design of the building.