cepezed lecture eindhoven architecture center

The Eindhoven Architecture Centre kicks off its series of lectures New Eindhoven architecture ... ready for the future? with an account by cepezed-partner Ronald Schleurholts on Monday February 13th at 20.00 hours.

Also following the nation-wide programme circular economy in which the government presented its vision on a future-proof and sustainable economy last September, the architecture centre asks the question to which degree the current new constructions in Eindhoven are ready for the future yet.

cepezed is very experienced in construction innovation, sustainability and circularity. Within the above-mentioned programme circular economy, the cepezed-designed transformation of a former Shell office into a large scale appartment block features as an important example. Recently, the office also realized the radically circular building of the temporary courthouse in Amsterdam, which will eventually will be reused with another function at another location. The office also works on a circular pavillion in Utrecht, which will be erected largely with left-over materials from the adjoining former Lieutenant General Knoop-barracks, that cepezed currently transforms into state office De Knoop.  

cepezed also designed the new SintLucas in Eindhoven, a vocational school for creative-enterprising professions. The project combines new construction with parts of the former Philips Natlab, that - in another part - houses the Eindhoven Architecture Centre as well. In his lecture, Schleurholts will also discuss the design strategies used to render the school complex future proof.