brussels environment in innovation book

The cepezed-designed Brussels Environment is included in the Wiley-published book Integrating Innovation in Architecture: Design, Methods and Technology for Progressive Practice and Research by Ajla Aksamija of the University of Massachusetts. The project's case study is discussed in the first chapter of the book, which is on innovative materials.

Aksamija's monography explores the variety of ways today's designers implement innovations within an environment of rapidy changing design and construction processes. Focusing on innovations in architecture, it covers new materials and design methods, advances in computational design practices, innovations in building technologies and construction techniques, and the integration of research with design. Moreover, it discusses strategies for integrating innovation into design practices, risks and economic impacts. Through numerous case studies, it illustrates how innovations have been implemented on actual architectural projects, and how design and technical innovations are used to improve building performance, as well as design practices in cutting-edge architectural and engineering firms.  

Projects of all scales and building types are discussed, ranging from small-scale installations, academic and commercial buildings to large-scale mixed-use, healthcare, civic, academic, scientific research and sports facilities. Work from design firms around the globe and of various scales is discussed in the book. 

Integrating Innovation in Architecture is available through the website of Wiley or through Amazon. Check Google Books for a preview of the publication.