opening moreelse brug

The Moreelsebrug was officially opened on Friday December 16th. Alderman for the station area Victor Everhardt and region director Pro Rail Cees de Vries performed the opening act together with children of the grammar school Puntenburg. At 11.00 the bridge was open to the public.  

Complete with an integrated lane of trees cyclists and pedestrians alike now have a beautiful elevated esplanade across the train tracks from Utrecht Central to their disposal. Simplicity and pragmatism were important design principles. The 300-meter-long bridge doesn’t span all tracks at once, but is supported on any each platform with a V-shaped pylon. This has prevented complex constructions and contributed considerably to the construct ability.

The slender and graceful swaying connector is composed of 3D engineered segments that exist each of two super-sized trough girders with a middle section in between. The segment are manufactured by BSB Steel in Friesland and transported prefabricated to the building site and assembled with a minimum of hindrance for the train traffic.