construction update and the first occupants international student house

The first group of students moved into the International Student House (ISH) along the professor Schermerhornstraat in Delft. Barely a year after the ground-breaking ceremony building block A, situated along the Schie canal is virtually completed. The glass protrusion on the Schie side, with offices of ISH, and the common room in the plinth are being finalized.

The likewise u-shaped building block B is still fully under construction and will be ready for the second group of students from February 2017. In this block the double high, transparent and inviting plinth with adjoining terrace will contain several catering functions. ISH will also encompass a wide range of facilities for occupants like a laundrette, sport facilities, a doctor’s surgery and a large-scale integral and closed-off bicycle sheds along the courtyard. The surrounding public space and courtyard, designed by landscape architect Peter Lubbers, will be realized later this year. The DUWO-development is the completing project of the redevelopment of the Technical University northern campus and will offer accommodation to over eventually 332 students.