webtech: before/after and 360° panorama

Recently the cepezed website has two new features. These are the ‘before/after-slider’ and the ‘360° panorama’.

Within the renovation and transformation projects the before/after-slider allows you to compare the old situation with the photograph of the realized work, by moving the white bar from left to right. This is featured in the projects Corpac Huis and Office cepezed. The same function is also used to set 3D-impressions next to the built final product, in other words ‘render-versus- real life’. Please have a look at the projects SintLucas College, De Resident and Urban Villa Rotterdam.

In designing the modernization of OLVG orthopedics clinic cepezedinterior utilized a virtual reality model to test the spatial experience for example. To gain an impression of the new clinic the 360° panorama adds and extra dimension for the designers as well as the client to the usual artist impressions. Use the buttons in the navigation bar to rotate, zoom-in and out, et cetera. Click on a ‘camera’ in the image to go to another room.