cepezed, fokkema and baljon redesign dsm sittard branch

cepezed, Fokkema & Partners Architects and Lodewijk Baljon Landschape Architects will jointly conceive the radical redesign of the DSM branch in Sittard. The design offices will modernize the 32.000 m2 complex dating from 1992 in many respects.

Together with the ICOP office for strategic housing, a group of young DSM-professionals thought up the principles for the DSM-office of the future. The trio cepezed-Fokkema-Baljon has won the subsequent design contest. By the name of DSM CiTY, the building will become more transparent, sustainable and flexible and will gain dramatically in appearance.

The interventions of the design team are aimed at the creation of an open, comfortable, dynamic and inviting working environment. They cover all levels, from the urban surroundings to the structure of the building, the interior and the furnishing and decoration. Two existing patios will be covered with with a roof that will transform them into transparent atria. Their use as interior plazas with a mixture of functions will generate inspiring dynamics here. The entrance will also find a new position in one of the atria, so that the complex will gain a stronger, more logical and more comfortable connection with the nearby railway station. A new entrance avenue will also add to this and will be part of a landscape design including an orchard and a large pond.

By means of voids, open connections and transparent partitioning, sightlines and the interaction between the different spaces and floors will be improved throughout the whole complex. The office floors - which are called the Business district in the CiTY-concept - will be provided with an arrangement for activity based working, so that staff can choose the work place fitting their current activities at any time.

The ground floor is called Downtown in the CiTY-concept. It will comprise a vivacious, inviting zone with e.g. meeting rooms, brainstorm sections, a coffee lounge, a bar, a restaurant, an auditorium and an office hotel. Downtown is the place for encounters and will also offer an exhibition by the name of DSM Experience, showing not only the achievements of DSM's innovative powers, but also inspiring the development of new concepts and products. The refurbishment of the Sittard branch will be brought about using DMS-fabricated materials as much as possible.

Royal DSM N.V. creates solutions that improve nutrition, protection and performances. End markets include health and nutrition products for man and animal, products for personal care, medicines, cars, coatings and paint, electronics, life protection and construction products. With all its activities, DSM focuses on the triple bottom line of economic prosperity, a sustainable environment and care for society. It strives for the equal and simultaneous realization of these elements. DSM has a net annual turnover of approximately eight billion Euros and employs over 22.700 worldwide. DSM's headquarter is located in Heerlen, The Netherlands, and the venture has branches on five continents. DSM is quoted on the Amsterdam Euronext stock exchange. The fully renewed Sittard branch will be occupied by mid 2012. As yet, cepezed, Fokkema and Baljon are entrusted with the preliminary design.