cepezed-lecture architecture academy groningen

Coming Tuesday night November 8 at 20.00 hours, cepezed-partner Ronald Schleurholts will lecture for the Vereniging tot Bevordering der Bouwkunst (Association for the Advancement of Architecture) in Groningen. Location is the School of Architecture at the Zuiderkuipen 19, a branch of the Academie van Bouwkunst (Architecture Academy).
Schleurholts will focus on cepezed’s design vision and strategy in relation to different project scales; from small to big to super big. He will discuss projects such as the new info booths on the NS railway stations, the Moreelse bridge, apartment block Oostduinlaan The Hague, the transformation of the former Knoop military station into an office complex and the 120.000 sqm masterplan for a multifunctional complex in Hangzhou.
The mission of the Association for the Advancement of Architecture is to enhance knowledge and insights on building in relation to society. The Association fulfils this goal by a.o. organizing talks, discussions and excursions in the field of architecture and urban planning.