cepezed wins competition tinbergen building

cepezed has won the European tender for the large-scale renovation of the Tinbergen building of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Situated on the Woudestein Campus, the characteristic building originally designed by architect Cornelis Elffers was realized between 1963 and 1970 and still reflects the atmosphere of brutalist functionalism in the tradition of the 1960's. The 19 story high-rise of 28.000 square meters has four main users: the Erasmus School of Economics, the Faculty of Philosophy, the ICT-department of the University Service Centre, and several business enterprises which are closely related to the University.
Aim is to update the building to the current technical and functional standards, while taking into account future changing use as well as the building’s monumental qualities. The building will be stripped of all later additions and the interior will be given the necessary air and space as well. A large vide and stairway will connect the different entrance levels and create a spatial public heart with interesting views. The hall will have a coffee bar, information point, study areas and a restaurant. Visibility of these functions will add to a representative role for the building on campus level. Sustainability and a healthy environment are also two important spearheads in this renovation. cepezed will realize the architectural and interior design. The total engineering team further consists of IMd construction engineers, Nelissen engineers for MEP en DGMR Bouw for building physics.