od75 example project circular economy

Last September the Dutch Governmental program Circular Economy was presented to the Parliament. In this policy memorandum, drafted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the cabinet sketches a vision for a future proof, sustainable economy and a liveable planet for the coming generations.
The formulated ambitions encompass that the Dutch economy will be fully circular by 2050 and that by 2030 the use of primary resources will be reduced by 50%. To this end, the program makes several interventions and events on regulatory, financing, initiating market incentives and encouraging innovation and collaboration.
At the same time the circular economy ‘is already on its way’ and as we speak there are numerous plans, initiatives, innovations and cases. As one of the example projects, and only building project, the transformation of Oostduinlaan 75 in The Hague, designed by cepezed, is mentioned in the memorandum. This project counts as one of the most important current large transformations from offices to housing. In the former Shell headquarters over 240 rental and owner-occupied apartments are realized. By the motto ‘retain the good’ the complex’s foundation, cellar, parking garage and structure of the high-rise block are kept. Existing characteristics such as the intricate structural elements are being utilized here as much as possible.  The fullest possible reuse of the existing traits allows an optimum of different possibilities for apartments to be realized, efficiently and effectively with the minimum of interventions. In addition a great number of materials like doors, lamps, door closers et cetera will find a new use within the same complex or other buildings.