last sections of the moreelsebrug in position

In the night of Saturday 15th  and Sunday 16th of October the last five above rail track sections of the cepezed designed Moreelsebrug were hoisted into place. This almost finalizes the second half of the new cycle and pedestrian bridge  that will connect the Croeselaan with the Moreelsepark.
The sections measure 15 to 19 meters in length and each weigh between 43 and 70 tons. The lifting works were performed employing the world largest mobile crane with a height no less than 84 meters. The train traffic on the concerning tracks was put out of operation, the overhead wires were disconnected. Partly because of the precision engineering and prefabrication the construction work went very smoothly and was completed more than a day earlier than planned.
At the moment the bridge landing on the eastside is being realized as well as the overall finishing of the bridge. According to planning the bridge will be taken into use in December.

Check the timelapse of the construction here.