cepezed wins daylight award 2008

The Daylight Award 2008 has been attributed to the cepezed-designed Westraven office complex in Utrecht. The award is a biennal prize for quality, granted to a project that has been fitted with an optimum equilibrium between daylight penetration, the application of artificial light and other aspects of the architectural design. The jury unanimously found Westraven to be head and shoulders above the other four nominees and exemplary in every way. The award was presented to cepezed by adjuciator and chief government architect Mels Crouwel during the Light and Architecture fair in Rotterdam on Thursday, January 24. Crouwel said he was convinced that the Daylight Award is just the first of a series of prizes to come for Westraven. Westraven is a large-scale project with numerous sustainable solutions, of which the abundant penetration of daylight is just one illustration.