cepezed designs open museum depot in oegstgeest

Commissioned by WAD archief depots cepezed designed the new Open Depot in Oegstgeest which will contain the joint art depot en restoration ateliers for several museums and private individuals. The design responds to the increasing demand for depots on view and open restoration ateliers, in which the public has a chance to see what’s in the art storages and how restorers work. Hence the full-glass facade on the A44 motorway side will fulfill a shopwindow and exhibit function with its high space for artifacts or digital projections and the visitors can wander through the so called viewing depot.

The new premises shows an evident layout in which a glass roofed central internal cross street gives acces to the depots and brings daylight deep into the traffic and public areas. The Open Depot will be a compact and efficient building which guarantees optimal storage conditions through modern building technics and climate control while at the same time saving tremendously on operational costs.