first half moreelsebrug standing

One year after the start of the construction and according to planning the first part of the Moreelsebrug in Utrecht is virtually realized. The western bridge span now runs from the Croeselaan between the Knoopkazerne and the Rabo bank to halfway the railway zone and constitutes four of the in total seven sections. Each section is composed of an array of components. The new cycle and pedestrian bridge will have a length of 310 meters up to its landing near the Moreelsepark and a width of circa 10 meters. The bridge sections comprise two parallel girders, V-shaped supporting pylons and steel tree planters.
Currently the work entails placement of the transparent balustrades, positioning of the elevator shaft between the sloping stairs at the western landing as well as the finishing of the bridge deck. Meantime twelve trees ((Parotia persica) have been planted in the planters in the middle zone of the bridge between the girders.
With the arrangement of a new construction site at the eastside of the railway zone the realization of the second half of the bridge has commenced. The required components again are manufactured by BSB Steel in Friesland and transported prefabricated to the building site only requiring the final assembly. Colijn Beton- en Waterbouw is the main contractor. Delivery and opening of the bridge is scheduled for this coming December.