Semi-detached houses revisited

Designs of cepezed focus on functionality, spatiality, sustainability and future-orientated efficiency. The philosophy, concepts and design choices of the office lead toward cleverly constructed building that stand the test of time. Material use is economical and the applied materials comply with high sustainability standards and can be maintained well. If needed parts are easy to repair or replace by employing a concept that cepezed developed long ago: IFD - Industrial, Flexible and Dismountable design and construct.
The Semi-detached Houses project on the south edge of Delft is a distinct example of the above. Designed in 1990 and fully prefabricated in steel it was for that reason alone already a special project. Within the rectangular volume the spaces have been organized around a diagonally situated service block containing the facilities and wet cells on all three floors. In combination with various vides and the large window panes in the sightlines are long and the feeling of spaciousness unprecedented.
Besides the present-day excellent living experience the houses are in mint condition after 26 years. On one hand over the course of time building components have been substituted for technological higher quality and newer products. For example the windows have been fitted with new and better performing sun and heat protective glass, for which reason the original sun barring outer blinds on the south-west façade could be removed. On the other hand some techniques have been overtaken by time:  the integrated network for television and computer data was advanced at that time but has become obsolete with the arrival of Wi-Fi. But above all the applied materials are of high quality and not susceptible for aging; after a rinsing down the distinctive stainless steel façade panels look like new even after a quarter of a century.
Therefore this house remains modern and effortlessly adopts coming innovations, user wishes and changes in function.