progress renovation corpac house

Built in 1967 the Corpac House is home to a large number of socio-economic and social organizations. The building is currently is undergoing a largescale renovation and modernization designed by cepezed. The remodelling of the premises on the Reitse Square in Tilburg commenced in May 2015 and is still in full swing at the moment. Meanwhile the annex which was added in the 80’s containing the former printing works and staff restaurant has been demolished. Through this the main building stands independent again from the high-rise tower.
The facades of the main building are nearly completely wind and watertight. It is built up out of aluminium cladding and a curtain wall system with recessed skylights plus large opening windows. At the same time the outfitting is implemented of among others the climate ceilings, staircases, elevators and banisters. The delivery of the building is planned for the last quarter of this year.