cepezed designs new european headquarters asics

cepezed will design the new, some 5.000 m2 large European headquarters for ASICS, the Japanese manufacturer of sports shoes and sports clothing. The OVG-developed project will arise on the Taurusavenue in Hoofddorp, in the direct vicinity of the train station and arterial roads.

The new construction will expressly not become a flagship centre of the sports brand, but will be provided with a modest appearance. The accent is on efficiency, functionality and a pleasant experience by the users, consisting of staff and visitors mainly from retail enterprises. The headquarters will have an open atmosphere with modern, atelier-like work places and presentation rooms. Among other things through the application of natural materials in the interior, ASICS's Japanese identity can be discerned.

Another core is a healthy and sporty operating environment. For example, by means of a centrally situated atrium, the building will receive ample daylight, while using the lifts is discouraged by an inviting positioning of ongoing cascade stairs. Also, the building will be provided with fitness rooms equipped with showers while the catering will not serve any fried products, but only healthy food.

The office will be situated directly adjoining the sustainable TNT GREEN-Office also realized by OVG Projectontwikkeling, and, with attention for an own identity, the designers will be on the look-out for optimal synergy with this neighbor. The grounds around both offices, for example, will be part of an integrated landscape design. Also, both constructions will make use of a biomass total energy system, with which they will generate their own energy for heating and cooling.

The headquarters will be provided with a light-colored façade and underneath it a half-submerged parking garage with over a hundred places will be built. The offices have a wonderful view over the military engineered levee that is part of the historical Amsterdam Defense Line and placed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.