opening passage ns-station tilburg

The new entrance of the Tilburg railway station was opened festively on Monday July 11th by regional director Inés Plasmans of ProRail, Alderman Berend de Vries of the city of Tilburg and regional director Jeroen Alting von Geusau of the Dutch Railways (NS). Proficiently balancing on a ball the 10 year old Czar van Engelen was allowed to roll through the new exit first.
The completion of the new city-quarter-connecting traverse is a milestone in Tilburg’s history. A moment for which the city’s inhabitants have waited for over 50 years since the construction of the current train station. Built in 1965 railway station Tilburg, with its characteristic hovering canopy, had only one entrance on the southern city-side that gave entrance to the three platforms. On the station’s north side the railway workshop yard was located, which was given the moniker 'Den Atteljee' by the people of Tilburg. With a multitude of tracks, large work halls and smaller buildings for the supplying companies the area formed an industrialized barrier between the city quarters on both sides of the railway zone.
After the NS-workshops moved out of the city in 2011 there was space for new developments in the Tilburg Spoorzone (Railway Zone). The interconnection between north and south via a new passage tunnel is an integral element of these developments in which a number of the preserved work halls are transformed into spaces for creative companies, a new library, the City Campus (Stadscampus), restaurants and cafes.
The largescale update of the station is designed by cepezed and encompasses besides the new passage and station hall with commercial functions new lively facades, a clear organization of all traffic flows and a modern equipment of the platforms.
Parts that still will be realized are among others the renovation of the station canopy, the arrangement of the south station square with the bus station and the new underground bicycle parking on the north and south sides.