john lautner at cepezed

On a regular basis lectures and presentations, directly or indirectly related to the design and architectural profession, are given at the office of cepezed. cepezed co-worker Tycho Saariste is a great admirer of the work of American architect John Lautner (1911 – 1994). Last autumn Tycho already gave a talk about Lautner’s architecture. Now he invited the American director Bette Jane Cohen to screen her documentary ‘The Spirit in Architecture, John Lautner’ on June 24th at cepezed’s office.


This is not ‘the other’ film about Lautner, ‘Infinate Space’ from 2008, which was also broadcasted on Dutch public television. The documentary ‘The Spirit in Architecture’ was actually already made in 1990 in close cooperation with John Lautner himself. This film however never really reached the audience which it definitely deserves. To revitalize the attention for the movie and the work of Lautner a 25th anniversary edition has been made: remastered, with additional footage and even a small role for Tycho Saariste himself. This year Bette Jane Cohen is traveling around to promote the film and has screened it at several leading architectural institutions in Beijing, Copenhagen, New York, London and Paris.

Comments by Bette Jane Cohen herself: 

'This documentary explores the work of John Lautner, one of America's most visionary and profound architects. This journey into Lautner's world features footage from his apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin; documentation of his buildings; and interviews with historians, critics, and Lautner himself, which put his achievements in perspective. In particular, the use of his buildings in feature films and his 'Googie' coffee shop design demonstrate his important contributions to popular culture.’