joost heijnis transfers his position as chair of booosting

At the congress Digital Craftsmanship in Architecture - Digitaal Vakmanschap in de Architectuur - , that took place on June 15th at the Technical University of Delft, Joost Heijnis passed on his position as chair of Booosting to Robert Capel.
Joost Heijnis, project lead at cepezed, dedicatedly and energetically fulfilled this position for almost four years. Robert Capel, head of design & engineering department at Octatube, has been involved as administrator with the network organization of Booosting since the start of the year.
As a network organization Booosting doesn’t have members but associates. Companies and persons who want to bridge the gap between the designing disciplines in the building sector on one hand and the construction industry on the other, with sharing knowledge is the main motto. One of the great merits of Joost Heijnis has been that Booosting embarked on the road to involve the associates more actively in the organization, by literally asking them what they find of importance, miss or need. In short to define the new direction in which Booosting had to move at time when the building sector fared in heavy weather.
Where many knowledge organizations work through an online platform, Booosting chooses to actually encourage, organize and facilitate meeting physically. In order to bring theory and practice, designer and manufacturing, closer together – literally and figuratively.
‘Many architects and designers are able to make the most beautiful designs in the computer with the current hard- and software. But how do you actually make a product, construction component or building? This is why it is so important to pursue the connection with the industry and to visit factories and makers.’
This way of thinking was broadly supported within Booosting and laid the way to, for instance, the congress Digital Craftsmanship in Architecture. One of the initiatives for which Joost Heijnis was co-responsible in his term as chair. Booosting saw its number of members increase in recent years. Joost therefor felt obligated to pass on this function in a good manner, accomplishing this in several sessions over a longer period of time.
Another matter which got a lot of Joost’s attention was this effort to (re)link with the architectural education practice and thereby actively involving architecture students with Booosting. Hence it was only logical that the transfer of function to Robert Capel took place at the TU Delft.