excursion cepezed 2016

This year the destinations of the annual summer excursion of cepezed were projects in the southern parts of the Netherlands. A part of Belgium conveniently was added to the tour as the first project visit was the headquarters of Brussels Environment. This new building, taken into use in 2015, is the frontrunner in the urban development of the Tour & Taxis district which is beginning to show quite a lot of activity. The facility manager of Brussels Environment and a project leader of the Brussels local architect Samyn and Partners welcomed the cepezed team and gave a short guided tour through the building. The trip continued to Eindhoven and Tilburg to respectively see the SintLucas College on Strijp S and the renovation project in the multi-tenant office building Corpac House, both fully under construction and heading toward completion soon. And last but not least the excursion led to NS-station Tilburg, which is being refitted according the cepezed’s design and of which the first phase is finished and in use.
By good cepezed tradition the excursion day was concluded with a barbecue in the courtyard of the office, accompanied by tunes of the office band cepezeppelin.