ns-information point in production

Commissioned by NS - Dutch Railways - cepezed designed a new prefab travel information desk, the NS-information-point. The prototype of this design was tested in the main concourse of station Delft over the last year. As a result of this test phase several minor changes have been followed through in the design. Now the NS-information-point has been taken into production and will be placed in thirty NS stations in the Netherlands, thus replacing the old information booths.

The complete construction and placement of the new information desks is undertaken by Coors Interieurbouw from Ridderkerk who won the tender in the beginning of March. Meanwhile the manufacturing is at full speed and at the moment there are three units at once in the production line. This number will gradually be increased to eight in order to place them on an almost daily basis in the stations. The first NS-information-point will again be installed at station Delft. Coors produces the furniture parts in their own furniture workshop; the steel parts of the construction are delivered by Kasteel Metaal from Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk.

Compared to the old booths the new information desk is more compact, robust and up to date in appearance, in compliance to the current corporate identity of NS. The fully climatized piece of furniture holds a single desk with among other things a monitor, printer, folder display and cupboard space. It is a facility in which staff members can work both standing up and sitting down. Also, the unit is easily movable and thus suitable for outdoor use as well. Because the information point has to be visible, recognizable and accessible from all sides, it has a triangular design with rounded corners.

The NS-information-point is as transparent as possible and provides shelter to the staff member. Therefor the unit is set up as a fully steel construction cladded with glass that has an opaque foil mounted on the bottom half. The structure is made of a floor plate with a supporting frame on which the different side panels are fixed.

For a functional, efficient look and transparency the frame is fully in sight and dimensioned as slim as possible. The doors are a glass and steel construction to ensure a stark look. Therefor the glass pane is glued directly in the slender detailed doorframe whereby the glass grants the stiffness. The visible parts of the steel construction are fully made of stainless steel due to sustainability aspects and the changing environmental conditions in the station area.