lecture ronald schleurholts in venice

At the book presentation of ‘IN practice’ last Thursday May 26 in the Venetian Palazzo Widmann cepezed partner Ronald Schleurholts lectured about the work and practice of the office.

‘IN practice’ – The state of committed architecture in Europe – is an initiative  and cooperation of the de Italian Association for Architecture and Criticism and Magazine A10 new European architecture who did research on the most relevant representatives of the current European architecture praxis, for which they selected one architecture studio per country.

At a time in which most attention is given to the so called ‘starchitect’ on one hand or the group of (very) young architects on the other, ‘IN practice’ focuses on the offices that don’t belong to either but have delivered over a longer period of time consistent high quality and innovative work of international standing and thus fulfil an example for new generations of architects.

In his lecture Schleurholts highlighted a number of themes which are important in the work of cepezed: cooperation, intelligent design (iq/kg), integral and prefabricated building, furnitecture, sustainability and ‘energizing’ buildings.