ronald schleurholts lectures during conference on evolutionary construction

cepezed's associated architect Ronald Schleurholts will lecture on Thursday, November 5th at 16.10 hours, during the conference on evolutionary construction in the Hilvaria Studio's in Hilvarenbeek. The conference is organized by Reed Business and points out that sustainable and climate-aware construction and development are also technically, financially and aesthetically lucrative now and in the future. During his talk, Schleurholts will discuss constructing with prefabricated materials, proceeding from an integral approach. By means of several national and international examples, he will show that well thought out, interdisciplinary design pays off in several ways. Other speakers during the conference include Michel Baars (director Search), Jeroen van Schooten (chairman Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, Meyer en Van Schooten architects) en Simon Roozendaal (science editor Elsevier). For more information and registration, klick here