cepezed designs expansion applikon

cepezed is commissioned to design the extension of the headquarters of Applikon Biotechnology in Delft. Applikon, world leader in developing and supplying advanced bio-reactor systems, is located on the TU Delft Science Park in a premise that was realized in 2013 by architectural office cepezed and developer cepezedprojects.
Applikon has since expanded to such great extent that an expansion of the current housing is unavoidable. This extension comprises 2,000 square meters of office and production space. cepezed is currently exploring the optimization of the extension in which the realization will cause a minimum of disturbance for the ongoing production process. The new three-story office volume will be placed symmetrically against the existing structural bay and above part of the current production hall. The production hall in its turn will be extended on the north-east side by 1,000 square meters.
The enlargement will be shaped in the same style and materialization. The initial design took the possibility of an expansion into account in a logical fashion while retaining the appearance of the building. A new layout of the parking lot is also included in the design study. The design team exists of cepezed, IMd raadgevend ingenieur, Tree Delft, DGMR and cepezedprojects. Largely the same line-up as the original team the gained knowledge and expertise from back then will fully be put to use again now. The realization time is projected to take up 6 to 8 months once the design is finalized and construction has commenced.