sneak preview yes!delft

The cepezed-designed Yes!Delft with Bio Facilities will be delivered and taken into use shortly. Future users and all those who were interested could take a look in the building last Thursday. Also the Delft alderman Ferrie Förster (department of economy, culture and planning) was present at the sneak preview.
The new incubator for young, innovative enterprises is realized right next to the existing premises of Yes!Delft on Science Park Technopolis and houses besides office space laboratories for a range of renters as well as a ‘shared facility lab’ with laboratory services for common use.
The absence of load baring walls in the building’s construction enables every possible combination of office and laboratory space and above all easy adaption of the ratio for future needs and developments. The units in Yes!Delft with Bio Facilities are leased for the bigger part and the furnishing of the spaces is in preparation.