booosting project visit to temporary court

Within the framework of the Booosting Cirular program, , about thirty interested persons visited the cepezed-designed Temporary Court Amsterdam on wednesday February 17th. The building is currently under construction. During a period of about four to six years, it will facilitate all essential processes of the court during the time that a new permanent housing is being developed further on on the Parnas-complex. Among other things, themes of the Booosting-event were the design of the temporary building, the way it is being constructed and the circular nature of it. After the agreed period of time, the complete building can be disassembled and reconstructed at another location for a different type of use and/or function.  

The Temporary Court is a realization by the dpcp-consortium, a collaboration between Duprie construction & development and cepezedprojects. Because of social responsibility, client the Central Government Real Estate Agency strongly aims at avoiding dissipation. The reduction of materials used, the prevention of waste and maximizing the residual value are therefore important issues of the assignment.

The project visit started with a tour of the building, which was followed by several participants in the project. Fokke van Dijk of the government's  agency related about the motives for tendering the court with a strong focus on circularity. Menno Rubbens (dpcp and cepezedprojects) and Martijn Duprie (dpcp and Duprie construction and development) spoke about their approach of the project as well as the opportunities and risks of circular construction. Mathieu de Danschutter of cepezed architects gave explanation about the architectural and interior design. Rob Stark of IMd structural engineers elucidated the innovative characteristics of the main stability structure.

The Temporary Court is under construction since last summer. Completion of the project is planned for the third quarter of 2016.