lots of media attention for brussels environment

The new office for Brussels Environment gained a lot of positive press exposure over the last year. As the headquarters for the government authority in the field of environment and habitat in the Belgian Capital Region, the project functions an important sustainability-example. The project distinguishes itself through an intelligent layout, a broad range of sustainable features and above all the office building is highly valued by its users due to the pleasant and varied work environment.

Brussels Environment has been published in a wide range of print and online media such as The Korean magazine ‘Details’, Future constructor and Architect, The Plan, Architectth, de Architect, Project&Interieur, AZERO.

The Dutch magazine Project & Interieur (PI) reviews the project in its October-November 2015 article ‘‘Duurzaamheid en Convivialiteit’ (Sustainability and Conviviality) and states: 'Brussels Environment wanted a new office that ought to be an example of sustainable construction, cepezed went one step further'. In December 2015, headlines in the Italian architecture magazine AZERO read ‘Un gigante per l’ambiente’ en ‘Un’icona sostenibile’ (A giant for the environment; a sustainable icon). In the double review ‘Gebouwen die opgaan in hun omgeving’ (Buildings that blend into their surroundings), Dutch trade journal De Architect already discusses the project in April 2015 and concludes: 'We can keep on writing about the work of cepezed.  A reason for that must be sought in the fact that the Delft-based architectural firm aims to move its goals beyond the limits for each project in terms of technology, efficiency and sustainability.’

Several digital publications can be found on Architectuur.nl, ArchDaily, BauNetz and Achi.ru