first sections moreelsebrug positioned

In Utrecht, construction on the Moreelsebrug has taken a start. Because of strong wind, the positioning of the first section was halted for a couple of hours, after which it was possible to place it after all. Initially, installation of the second part was planned for directly after the first one, but because of the earlier delay this was rescheduled to wednesday.

Jointly, the sections form the bridge span located at the bus stop West. Transport of the sections takes place over both road and waterway. Because of this, it is possible to deliver the units in sizes as large as possible, thus minimizing the assembly time on location. After all, both time and space for positioning the sections above the busy railways are limited. Construction takes place mainly in weekends during short, train-free intervals in which the regular railway traffic is re-routed. The finishing of the bridge with for instance glass parapets, electricity connections et cetera takes place once all sections have been situated. The completion of the bridge is planned for the end of 2016.
Overall, the bridge consists of six sections, each composed of a variety of parts. Free from weather or other negative influences , these are put together under optimal condition in a Friesland-based construction plant. Susbesquently, the arrive in Utrecht ready for assembly, thus strongly reducing the activities on location.
The basic material for the skin of the bridge consists of 12 mm-thick steel plate, which is cut in a computer-controlled process. Similarly, in a mainly automated process, the various components have subsequently been welded together and then given a protective coating. The sections consist of two parallel trough girders, V-shaped supporting pylons and steel tree tubs. The pylons are circa eight metres high. The tree tubs will be placed under the bridge deck, in the middle zone between the trough girders.