vlaardingen chooses new town hall

This week, cepezed, Kraaijvanger.Urbis and Architecten Van Mourik have presented their designs for a new Vlaardingen town hall. The existing town hall designed by Hoogstad will be torn down because it is high maintenance, uses too much energy and in general does not comply with contemporary standards.

cepezed's is the only design in which the new town hall is separate from the historic governmental centre, which will remain in use. Thus, free passage is preserved, the street pattern is reinforced and the historic facades remain in sight. An underground traverse in cepezed's design connects old and new and also shows an exhibition on the rich history of Vlaardingen.

A remarkable feature of cepezed's design compared to the two other plans, is the high degree of transparency. cepezeds new construction is spatial, clear and modern and has a friendly atmosphere with long sightlines and an inviting entrance area with an atrium for public use. Moreover, the functions alongside the facades correspond with the atmosphere of the surrounding streets. The integrated restaurant, for example, is situated adjacent the urban Waalstraat, while the library is situated alongside the more quiet Westnieuwland.

To render it sustainable, cepezeds townhall is flexible in its use and interior arrangement. The roof has a garden and a large surface of solar cells. Also, the structure makes use of geothermal energy.

Inhabitants and civil servants have a voice in which design will eventually be realized. For the other designs and the election procedure, click here.