nieuw stadionconcept cepezed en imd

cepezed and IMd consulting engineers jointly developed a new concept for the construction of soccer stadiums. Herein, the stability structure of the actual stadium and that of the roof covering it are disengaged. With its own stability structure, the roof is built first, after which the area underneath it can be used for a variety of functions, such as a stadium. The structural separation of the stadium and its roof leads to cost reductions up to 25 percent compared to the traditional ways of building. After all, when the stands do not have to carry a roof anymore, they can be put together far more simple. Thus, the concept is a reasonable alternative for regular stadium plans such as the recent ones for De Kuip in Rotterdam, which all failed at the hurdle of costs.

Also, the approach offers a high degree of flexibility - and thus added value - because the structures and functions below the roof are easily adaptable during the course of time. Existing stadiums, sports and event grounds can also be covered. This way, the concept offers a complete repertory of possibilities, such as the use of removable stands that match steady ones in aspects such as appearance, safety and convenience, but have far more user options.

At the moment, further elaboration and sophistication of the concept takes place in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft. Watch an animation of the concept here.