prototype ns info point in delft train station

This week, the prototype of a prefab information point that cepezed designed for the Nedelandse Spoorwegen (Dutch railways) was placed in the main concourse of the Delft train station. Following a pilot, the idea is that some 35 of these units will be set up over 30 stations. The fully climatized piece of furniture holds a single desk with among other things a monitor, printer, folder display and cupboard space. It is a facility in which staff members can work both standing up and sitting down. Also, the booth is easily movable and thus suitable for outdoor use as well. Because the information point has to be visible, recognizable and accesible from all sides, it has a triangular design with rounded corners. The prefab construction system has an austere and serene materialization largely of stainless steel and glass, with a refined detailing of the skin, which is partly covered with foil. The hight of the plinth has been adjusted to efficient floor cleaning around the booth. For the in- and external graphic elements, cepezed closely cooperated with the office of information designer Paul Mijksenaar, that is also responsible for the overall signposting in Dutch train stations. For example, corresponding with this posting, the upper rim consists of an illuminated blue border with white lettering in the NS Sign type. The work lighting has been integrated into the ceiling. When staffed, the ceiling functions as one large lighting surface and thus also contributes to the visibility of the NS service agent. When unmanned, the ceiling light is shut off and the information monitor directed outwards, so that travellers can read itinerary specifics themselves. In that situation, the information point is also closed off by means of a counterbalance-operated glass shutter that is fully integrated into the design.