a different perspective on safety

cepezed's architect and laboratory specialist Paddy Sieuwerts will lecture on Tuesday June 2 during the LabSafety event in de Reehorst in Ede, a trade fair
visited by a wide gamut of professionals such as labmanagers, (chief)analysts, quality and safety officers, HSEQ-ers and othe laboratory staff from branches ranging from healt care to the farmaceutical, (petro)chemical and food industries. Illustrated by different projects designed by cepezed, Sieuwerts addresses the architectonic aspects of safety in laboratories: a clever building and interior design a.o. supports social control and compliance with procedures, he will argue. Design choices with a focus on safety often seem obvious, but in practice, users frequently hold on to often obsolete frames of reference. With a fresh perspective on work and production processes and the spatial translation hereof, cepezed helps them look at things another way. Together with its clients, the office thus shapes the laboratories of the future.