into the breach for craftmanship

Like in every other branch, the digital possibilities in architecture and construction become evermore sophisticated. The advantages hereof are evident, but frequently, the digitilization also leads to erosion of the genuine craftmanship and the knowledge of for example materials, construction techniques and detailing methods; after all, in the digital world anything goes. Therefore, on April 2 during a Booosting discussion panel at the Building Holland fair, construction technologist at cepezed Joost Heijnis, head of the Buckylab at the Technical University of Delft Marcel Bilow, co-founder of studio RAP (Robotics, Architecture & Production) Wessel van Beerendonk and structural engineer with ABT Frank Huijben throw theirselves into the breach for the classic trade, which is in danger of being overlooked in schooling and day to day practice, while it should be the basis for all digital designing as well. For more information, see the Booosting website