cepezed and cepezedinterior design temporary courthouse amsterdam

cepezed and cepezedinterior will jointly design the new construction for the temporary courthouse in Amsterdam. The Design, Build, Maintain & Remove (DBMR)-assignment for the structure has been assigned to the consortium dpcp under coordination of du Prie construction & development from Leiden and developer cepezedprojects from Delft. Du Prie construction & development will build the facility.

Together with the existing towers E and F, the new construction of approximately 5.400 m2 will be part of the temporary courthouse on the grounds of the current Parnascomplex along the Parnassusweg. Here, the larger part of the jurisdiction will take place during the five years that a new permanent housing will be developed on the same parcel. For both the temporary and the permanent new construction, the exisiting complex will partially be demolished.

Within the construction, quintessential processes of the courthouse will have their course. Consequently, the demands are high. For example, the interim-character of the building may not denigrate its representativeness. Also, standards for matters such as equipment, complex logistics, acoustics, comfort and safety are unrestricted. 

Taking its public responsibility, the project's principal the Central Govenrment Real Estate Agency aims at minimal dissipation. Therefore, an important criterium was the prevention of waste and the maximizing of the building's residual value. The intrinsic circularity of the dpcp-proposal has gained a lot of appreciation. On every scale, including the structure as a whole, dpcp consequently looked for reduction, re-use, and recycling possibilities. Also, the consortium aims at the maximum use of donor materials, which eliminates waste in the early phases of the process. For example, the feasability of hollowcore slabs coming from other buidlings is being explored at the moment. After use by the Amsterdam court house, the structure is completely reusable on another location. 

With the temporary courthouse cepezedprojects builds on earlier concept development of temporary buildings. Before, the company already initiated the multifunctional CENTRA.AL-concept, based on the physical disconnection of structure and grounds. Thus, the building becomes a product like other products and can easily be placed in different (temporary) locations and used for different purposes. Also, the concept opens possibilities to other types of financing. Together with dpcp-partner du Prie, cepezed currently also initiates the Building as Product Foundation, aimed at research and stimulation of flexibility of the built environment on the level of the complete building. In order to achieve this, the foundation will join forces with a.o. the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the Technical Univeristy in Delft. Elco Brinkman will be ambassadour of the foundation. 

Other parties within the consortium are Linssen engineers as installations consultant, IMd engineers as stability consultant and LBP|Sight as consultant for acoustics, fire safety and sustainability. Schoonderbeek and Putman installations will realize and maintain all installations of the building.