realization corpac house contracted

The realization of the cepezed-designed modernizing of the Corpac House in Tilburg has been contracted out. Structural contractor Mertens from Weert and equipment installer Homij from Eindhoven will transform the office block, starting May 2015. In sixteen months, they will revamp it into a contemporary and sustainable house for entrepeneurs.

The Corpac House at the Reitseplein in Tilburg was erected in 1968 and was originally designed by Van den Broek & Bakema. The revitalization respects the strong signature this office lent the project and will give it a present-day twist. The plans also include a redo of the biodiversity garden around the complex, which will be provided with new impulses and qualities. 

The renewed Corpac House will be a multi tenant building new style fully aimed at SME and entrepeneurship; with a lot attention and possibilities for cooperation and the sharing of visions and ideas. The future users include Bouwend Nederland, The Brabants Zeeuwse Werkgeversvereniging, Midpoit Brabant, Regio Hart van Brabant and several divisions of owner the Van Spaendonck Groep.