cepezed designs rabobrug

cepezed architects has won the tender to design the new 'Rabobrug' in the city centre of Utrecht. The 275 m long bridge for cyclists and pedestrians will be built across the train tracks next to Utrecht Central Station and will connect the Croeselaan and the Moreelsepark. The alderman of the station area, Harm Janssen, announced the winner this tuesday. cepezed has presented a vision for a slender and elementary but stylish and user-friendly bridge with access to the platforms. The bridge will cost around 14,5 million Euros, of which Rabobank Nederland will fund 8,6 million Euros. The rest of the amount will be taken care of by the ministry of Transport, Public Works and Waterworks and the Municipality of Utrecht. Conmpletion of the bridge is planned for the first quarter of 2012. 'Rabobrug' is just a working title. In a later stadium, Rabobank Nederland will hold a competition to determine the eventual name of the bridge.