minister bussemaker kicks off construction of eye collection center

On November 12th, minister Jet Bussemaker of the national Education, Culture and Science department has kicked off construction of the new, cepezed-designed collection centre for the EYE film museum. The state-of-the-art depot with high quality storage and conserving circumstances will be a safe and sustainable haven for the precious EYE-collections. An international clientele of scientists, film makers and students will be able to consult them. The collection center will also be an expert center for professionals in the field of film conservation, restoration and research.

With its glass front façade, the EYE collection center has been designed as an inviting building. At the ground floor, one can watch films, do research and consult a wide variety of corresponding collections including books, magazines, dvd's, posters, photos, scripts, audio, sheet music, film equipment and personal as well as institutional archives.