cepezedinterior designs exhibition statespersons

cepezedinterior has designed a new exhibition of statespersons for the hall of the ministry of Education, Culture & Science. The existing display of paintings, drawings and watercolours of all ministers and secretaries of state that ever directed the department, had grown cluttered owing to accretion and lack of space. The renewed exposition elaborates on and is based on the concept of another exhibit in the hall that the designers of cepezedinterieur set up before and shows bronze portraits of Dutch Nobel Prize winners. Just like the arrangement of bronzes, the two-dimensional portrait gallery has been affixed against grey, visually calm backgrounds which do not cover the full walls, thus also forming accentuating areas. Within these areas, order and clarity has been brought about in the diversity of origin, dimensions, media and framing of the depictions. A first arrangement is that according to the terms of the persons portrayed; every wall covers a defined period of time. Furthermore, the art works have been arranged in aligned clusters and within these, they are also aligned. In cooperation with typographer and graphic designer Tessa van der Waals, the designers placed a strip with also systematically captions at eye level. In black, these mention information like the name, function, term and the most important deeds of the depicted. In white lettering, information on the artist, medium and the year of the artworks is presented. Also in white, the portraits and captions have been provided with corresponding numeration. The new exhibition is lighter and more airy than the former arrangement, thus showing the statespersons to their advantage. Also, the new exhibition leaves enough room for future expansions.