exhibition best dutch book designs 2013 opened

In the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the exhibition Best Dutch Book Designs 2013 opened up last Saturday. cepezed’s publication in detail, which came out last June and discusses the integral cohesion of concept, functionality, sense impression, aesthetics, materialization and technical detailing of fifteen projects, is one of the 33 displayed books selected from a gross list of over 300. The exhibition runs till February 2015 and is set up in the design section of the Stedelijk Museum. The corresponding catalogue is available in the museum shop and the regular book store.

The jury speaks very highly of the Reynoud Homan and Robbert Zweegman-designed, NAi010-published and Mart.Spruijt-printed book in detail, which includes drawings and texts by cepezed itself and photos by a.o. Jannes Linders and Fas Keuzenkamp. “It is as classic as modernism can be. And yet, it is also present-day,’ the jury writes in its report. ‘The photos are never smaller than full-page. Repeated in every project presentation, we go from a floor plan, via a number of elevations to the details, many of which are presented in a 1:10 scale. The accompanying references read like poetry. […] The photos are in black and white, all texts are silver-grey. Between the compact black strips at the page edges, this limited spectrum comes perfectly alive, including the integrated white.” The mission of the book, the presentation of the construction-technical design, has fully succeeded, according to the jury. ‘Insanely beautifully printed’, the committee thinks on top of that.