new traverse tilburg train station in position

The new traverse of the Tilburg train station has been put into position. The tunnel segment was constructed right next to the train tracks and over the last couple of days, it has been pressed under the tracks with a speed of around one to two metres per hour. The element is 28 metres long, 42 metres wide and weighs no less than 6,6 million kilograms. In all, the complete tunnel will eventually cover a length of 40 metres. It is one of the most important interventions within the modernization of the Tilburg train station and will be fitted with a transfer zone as well as shopping and catering facilities on both sides. A gallery around the construction site offered all people interested a view on the sliding activities. The passageway will be ready for use by the end of 2015. The overall completion of the renovated station is planned for 2016. The construction can be followed through the webcam of rail manager Prorail.